Promotion bureau

J.u.i.c.e. Promotions is a creative, pragmatic activation- and promotion bureau which works beyond its own disciplines. In close cooperation with our clients we develop innovative and measurable campaigns. Creating a brand experience which will be remembered, that is what we love to do the most!

The specialist in exciting brand activations!

Every promotional campaign starts with a unique concept. J.u.i.c.e. Promotions is your partner in creating exceptional activation campaigns.

Our company name represents our core philosophy: Join us in creating excitement!

Fieldmarketing according to J.u.i.c.e. Promotions

Promotion, fieldmarketing, activation or face to face communication, there are many names for our services. What is of greater importance is the added value of our business within the media mix. Promotion is stronger en more honest than any other medium type. The target group is able to really experience the product or service live and make up an opinion. By the way, try to say “no” to a brand ambassador in person!

Creating excitement with promotion teams

Promotion teams create an ultimate experience of your brand. But promotion is not the only medium type which works. It works best in combination with other types of media, a perfectly designed media plan, above and below the line. A plan that will not only reach your customer, but also moves it. In our opinion, your client should melt for you.

Brand loyalty

Besides experiences, promotional bureau J.u.i.c.e. Promotions is always searching for a second or third contact moment to activate your target group. We built in several follow up moments within the activation mechanism, so we can give the consumer the last little push in deciding. Brand loyalty starts with a first positive impression and a suitable follow up.